Soda Kings of BC and the Yukon

BC History Brought Back Today for Tomorrow

So far “Soda Kings” has profiled the bottlers of Victoria and New Westminster.

Now we’re going to change things up. In the late 1800’s one company emerged from all the others to become the dominant force in the soda trade around the province.

This firm provided collectors with a seemingly endless variety of bottles, syphons and ephemera to collect and puzzle over. For the serious, diehard collector it has been a joy to track these down over the last fifty years. Now it’s time to sort out the facts from the guesses about this iconic firm.

So the next Soda Kings is all about
Thorpe & Company Limited.

Jack “Indiana Jones” Whittles & Mike Boyd with an 1890’s Victoria Brewing Co beer & pottery ale newly dug in the Gorge.

These days good bottles from the Gorge are getting scarce. Despite that, hope springs eternal – that summer day there were at least half a dozen collectors out mud-larking, with Chris Hill retaining his long-held title as the “King of the Gorge”.

August 2021

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