Soda Kings Vol 1, No 3


123 in stock

123 in stock

Soft Cover Edition
8.5 x 11", 64 pages with full colour photographs.
Published by Tahami Publishing, 2024

The employees who made Thorpe & Company the success it was often went on to form their own firms, which will also be explored in the next Soda Kings. As these firms are profiled, they will shed a new light on their relationship to Thorpe & Company Limited. The sprawling reach of Thorpe & Company will show that with plants in Vancouver, Victoria and Nelson, the company partners missed no opportunity to extend their market share anywhere in the province.

Thorpe & Company’s successor firm, Country Club Beverages Ltd., will also be profiled. The founder of this successful firm is identified, and of course its artifacts are shown in glorious colour. Decades ago, Thorpe & Company’s Victoria and Vancouver plants were successfully dug by collectors who raced to save any artifacts, literally steps away from the bulldozers. The memories of collectors who attended these famous digs were shared, shedding new light on Thorpe & Company.

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